Carriage Lane Rowland Co. HQ
Younger Brothers
Desert Springs Community of Grace
Pentecost Int'l
Worship Center
Demers Glass Dupper Landscape
3322 E. Broadway
St. James Church Church of the Master
NCS Cafetorium
Grease Monkey Ray Road
Liberty Market
Church of the Master
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Project Description
This 18,632 SF, two-story education building of wood frame construction with CMU accents was efficiently built despite a 30-foot height constraint. The building has 11 classrooms, 2 large meeting rooms, 2 office spaces and two pre-school classrooms.   Marked by a steel pergola, leading to the center of the campus, the main building entries are set across the breezeway from each other and covered by a steel canopy. The elevator tower and stair towers are crisp and vertical CMU accents for the building set apart from the soft stucco classroom mass. Desert colors unify the building with the campus.
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